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Reddaway regional service map

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this holiday dedicated to giving thanks, we thank you for choosing Reddaway for your shipping needs.

It is a privilege to serve you and an obligation we take seriously, every day, with every shipment.

Happy Thanksgiving

"To the folks at Reddaway"

Lives are changed when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition transforms houses. 

Reddaway is a proud provider of transportation for some of the building supplies provided by Pacific Wall Systems that were used at the McPhail family project.

Click here to view this episode, which aired Oct. 28...

"Thank you so much for your donation of transportation for the upcoming ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Without hesitation you provided your services free of charge and shipped our truss plates from CA to Central Point, OR within 24 hours.

It is a pleasure to work with community-minded companies such as Reddaway who continue to go above and beyond what is required.

You have always provided us with great service, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future."

Nancy Mansfield
Pacific Wall Systems
5077 Table Rock Road
Central Point, OR

To the folks at Reddaway

We can get it there for you!

We just finished updating our service maps, making it easier than ever to see delivery schedules within our footprint and coverage available through our sister companies.

Wherever you're shipping across North America, we can get it there for you.

We can get it there for you!

And the winner is . . .

Reddaway is the proud recipient of Logistics Management magazine's 2011 Quest for Quality award in the Western Regional LTL Carriers category.

This makes 18 Quest for Quality awards for the company.

Brian Ceraolo, executive vice president-Peerless Media, made the presentation; accepting the award on behalf of Reddaway was Steve Selvig, vice president Sales and Marketing.

Quest for Quality
(L to R: Steve Selvig, vice president Reddaway Sales and Marketing; Brian Ceraolo, executive vice president-Peerless Media)

Every shipment is a priority!

As the next-day leader in the West, Reddaway offers comprehensive next-day service, including intra-CA; on-time performance that surpasses all published industry averages; and superior damage-free handling.

Check it out!

Every shipment is a priority!

Save those shipments from freezing!

Mark your shipments and bills of lading with "Protect From Freezing" to receive specialized freeze-protection services.
- Available on inter-mountain direct-service points
- Pickups made Monday through Thursday
- Service features technically-engineered and environmentally-friendly CargoQuilt® covers

Get started today!

Get started today!

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What's New at Reddaway

Keeping your supply chain nimble

99.6% on-time deliveriesAcross the country, inventory levels remain at uncharacteristically low levels. That means the pressure is mounting for nimble supply chains, supported by reliable transportation, which can replenish stock quickly.

In our part of the country, when there's no time for errors, companies know to call Reddaway.

In addition to being the leader in next-day delivery in the region with award-winning service, Reddaway also offers multiple options for guaranteed delivery service. That means flexibility for your supply chain timed to your specific needs!

Guaranteed delivery:
>> Before 9 a.m.
>> Before noon
>> Before 3:30 p.m.
>> Four levels of window delivery
    --Single hour
    --Multiple hours
    --Single day
    --Multiple days

More than flexibility, at Reddaway, our 99.6 percent on-time guaranteed and expedited deliveries, and 98.08 percent damage-free service, give you the assurance your shipments will deliver exactly as they should, every time.

So go ahead, keep a close rein on inventory . . . and Reddaway on your speed dial!

Call us at 1-888-420-8960, or visit us online.

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News & Other Services

100% Reddaway for 40 years . . . and counting!

100% Reddaway for 40 years . . . and counting!Meet Clarence Pyatt and Bob Narayan from Capitol Chrome in Salem, OR. Clarence needed a provider back in the late 1960s to take a pallet to Medford. He can't recall the company, only that they had white trucks. They missed the delivery date while the pallet sat at the company's Medford dock. Clarence told the salesman to not bother coming around again, and then he called Reddaway.

For 40 years, Reddaway has been picking up freight at Capitol Chrome, never missing a pickup, delivering late, damaging anything, or billing incorrectly.
Several years ago, Bob bought the business from his boss, Clarence, and continued the tradition of shipping only with Reddaway. Bob strongly concurs that Reddaway has continued its perfect track record, with never a complaint from any of the customers he ships to.

Reddaway frequently moves Capitol Chrome freight to the mills. Their biggest customer just purchased a mill in McMinnville, OR and will be sending Capitol Chrome saw blades and equipment shafts for re-chroming. One piece will take an entire trailer, and several will be about 15 feet long. The customer agreed with Bob that Reddaway is the only transportation solution for this project.

Bob tells us he doesn't allow other companies' salesmen to even come in; he tells them they only know how to ship with Reddaway.

We thank Bob and Clarence for their business. And we will continue to be there for their shipments, delivering with the consistent reliability which has earned their trust for 40 years.

To bring this level of service to your business, visit our website or call us at 1-888-420-8960.

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Industry News

Wetter than average winter

Wetter than average winterThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a colder and wetter than average winter in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California this year, attributing the conditions to the influences of La Niña.

NOAA also warns that, "erratic Arctic Oscillation can generate strong shifts in the climate patterns that could overwhelm or amplify La Niña's typical impacts."

Congress approves free-trade agreements

Congress approves free-trade agreementUshering in new opportunities for exporters, the U.S. Congress approved free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

"American automakers, farmers, ranchers and manufacturers, including many small businesses, will be able to compete and win in new markets," said President Barack Obama.

EPA SmartWay Champion Award

EPAYRC Worldwide chief sustainability officer, Mike Kelley, is a recipient of one of the inaugural United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPASmartWay Champion Awards.

SmartWay is a voluntary emissions reduction program initiated by the EPA in 2004. "We are proud SmartWay partners and the program is a total team effort at YRC Worldwide. This is a great honor for the YRC Worldwide team members who have invested their time and talent in the SmartWay program," said Kelley.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Go online after you ship

Go online after you ship

In past issues of Reddaway Today, we showed how accessing before you ship and when you're ready to ship can help you plan your transportation and add efficiencies to your processes.

The benefits of using our online tools don't end there!

Because our website maintains your shipping data, you also have easy access to the information you need to manage your transportation after you ship.

For example, has electronic images of invoices, bills of lading, delivery receipts and weight and research reports for registered users of our secure website. That gives you the flexibility to easily find, view, email or fax these images to customers or others in your company.

Looking for information on a specific shipment? You have three ways to search: By PRO number, BOL number or PO number.

Need to see the bigger picture on your transportation activities with Reddaway? Simply subscribe to weekly, monthly, or one-time service summaries to receive automated reports in your email. You also can receive reports on the status of your active shipments on a daily basis.

At, you'll find shipping forms, tools and information at your fingertips . . . and on your clock. Check it out!

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Stacy WhiteIn 1992, Staci White came to Reddaway for a six-week assignment working with the computer system. She liked what she saw and wanted to stay.

Today, Staci is manager of Revenue Management and Billing Services, with responsibility for the teams handling accounts receivables, customer support, corrections, interline reconciliation, collections, invoicing, imaging and billing.

Even after 19 years, Staci says she still learns something new every day. "There are so many facets to freight. It is logical and simple, but it's also a challenging and intriguing industry. Everything 'octopuses' to other things."

"I thought with 20 years in the wood industry as a shipper, I was prepared," she says. Experience revealed otherwise. "I thought a pup load meant Reddaway was moving puppies. It was the customer who had to explain it to me!"

Staci is proud of the approach her teams take to solving customer problems. "We take ownership of the problem and try to find out how an error was made. We do a lot of investigating and research to find the root cause, to prevent the error from happening in the future. When we find the root cause and can satisfy the customer--that's the best day!"

The results speak for themselves. "I couldn't be more proud of our billing team. We handle about 40 bills per hour with an error rate of .059 percent. Sometimes we enter up to 11,000 freight bills a night and our accuracy remains stable!" says Staci.

She attributes it to the "teamwork" at Reddaway, "I've never seen anything like it. You can walk up to anyone, and if they can't help you, they'll redirect you to someone who can."

"The industry has faced challenges due to the economy, but Reddaway has turned it around. Our customer service is best in class and strong as ever. Winning the Quest for Quality award is proof of the service we provide customers on a daily basis," says Staci.

Staci is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself: To schedule your next shipment, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

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A Place Reddaway Calls Home

San Jose, CA

San JoseWho knew? Right there behind Minneapolis, MN, and Orange County, CA, sits San Jose, named the third Most Fun City in America.

It's true! Bert Sperling, of Money magazine's "Best Places to Live" fame, analyzed cities based on attributes such as sporting teams, restaurants, dance performances, toy stores, and city recreational budgets to identify our country's top fun towns. And there's San Jose, right near the top.

There are the obvious sporting attractions which make the city fun--the NHL Sharks, Arena Football Champion SaberCats, Major League Soccer Earthquakes, the San Jose Stealth professional lacrosse team, and the San Fransisco Giants' farm team, the San Jose Giants.

Fitting for a community that's in the heart of Silicon Valley, you'll find museums which make learning fun, such as the Tech Museum of Innovation, the Children's Discovery Museum, and the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and Planetarium.

And festivals flourish in San Jose's moderate microclimate. From the Obon Festival in Japantown, to the International Mariachi Festival by HP Pavilion, to the Garlic Festival in nearby Gilroy, to downtown San Jose's annual Holiday Parade held in early December.

In the mid-1980s, Reddaway recognized the shipping needs of Silicon Valley companies, and opened the San Jose terminal. Centrally located in the Bay Area, the 39-door facility has a pickup and delivery area that tracks north and south about 80 miles along Highway 101.

"Over the years, a lot of the high-tech firms moved out of Silicon Valley, and it's a small part of our business now. Farming remains important to the area," says John Marschner, terminal manager, explaining that the terminal moves things such as chemicals, bags for lettuce, even corks for the wineries.

One of the terminal's bigger projects is helping wholesaler Color Spot Nurseries with their holiday potted plant promotions. "Color Spot is getting ready to ship their holiday poinsettias, and we'll handle 600 bills over a three-day period, and help as needed during the rest of the season," says John.

"A lot of companies would walk away from this," he adds. "It's a lot of work. But we pulled it off at Easter, and have a good group of people . . . a good family . . . willing to put in the effort to get it done."

Reddaway knows California and customers know they can count on Reddaway, the leader in on-time, damage-free service.

For more information on our San Jose service, or to schedule a shipment, talk with a Customer Care representative at 1-888-420-8960 or go online to

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