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Happy Holidays!

As 2011 comes to a close, we thank you for letting Reddaway serve you this year.

We wish you a happy holiday season filled with quiet wonder and joyful celebrations.

And should travel be part of your plans, please stay safe.

Happy Holidays!

Save those shipments from freezing!

Mark your shipments and bills of lading with "Protect From Freezing" to receive specialized freeze-protection services.
- Available on inter-mountain direct-service points
- Pickups made Monday through Thursday
- Service features technically-engineered and environmentally-friendly CargoQuilt® covers

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Get started today!


Every shipment is a priority!

As the next-day leader in the West, Reddaway offers comprehensive next-day service, including intra-CA; on-time performance that surpasses all published industry averages; and superior damage-free handling.

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Every shipment is a priority!


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What's New at Reddaway

When the customer says, "Take it back."

Reverse LogisticsReverse Logistics. Retail vendors and manufacturers alike often think of it as the "problem child" in the supply chain and the "last frontier" in maximizing a company's operational effectiveness.

The way goods move from the customer back to the seller can have a big impact on customer relationships and vendor costs. It's a complex situation, yet one way to simplify the process is by using Reddaway for your inbound transportation.

When you call Reddaway to handle the inbound shipping, you minimize hassles for your customers. You and your customers can determine the removal schedule with confidence; we're respected industry wide for our on-time pickups.

Then, whether the returned goods will be re-inventoried, refurbished, or disposed, you'll have visibility to the in-transit status of shipments, and know when they will arrive at the chosen destination. This lets you prepare for their organized and timely processing.

You know Reddaway for our ability to meet vendor compliance requirements, such as Must-Arrive-By Date (MABD) window deliveries, with guaranteed delivery.

And if the customer says, "take it back," you can still count on Reddaway for the same great service returning goods to your facilities.

For more information, call us at 1-888-420-8960 or visit us online.

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News & Other Services

No surprises

No surprisesSurprises may be great at birthday parties, but they're not so great when it comes to moving your shipments.

That's why we enhanced our email service alerts program; you'll know in advance if blizzards, heavy rains or natural disasters might affect our best efforts to deliver shipments on schedule at any point in our service area.

With service alerts, you'll have the information early in the day to better decide whether to hold a shipment, select another mode, or continue with the planned Reddaway pickup.

We truly care about your shipments, and you can count on our Freeze Protection Service to deliver reliable claim-free service on shipments susceptible to freezing. Because we care, we also want you to know if conditions outside our control could interfere with our ability to deliver that level of service.

Winter is fast approaching so don't delay. Sign up today for service alerts and receive email notifications when conditions may affect shipping schedules.

An email to share--
Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Kudos"Just wanted you to know that the delivery of our Costco sauna was wonderful. Your brand-new employee [driver Tom Elmore] got it right up to our condo building's door, and we were able to set it onto our cart and wheel it right to the elevators.

The package was perfect, the service excellent, and the young man was very polite and helpful.

Times being what they are nowadays, it's refreshing to have such a wonderful experience. Delivery was even earlier than expected. Please give the young man our thanks again."
--Betty & Robert Morgan, Chez Bettay

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Industry News

Institute of Supply Management October report

Institute of Supply Management October reportIn its November Report on Business®, the ISM said October was the 27th consecutive month of expansion in the manufacturing sector, although the growth was at a slower pace (50.8 percent versus 51.6 in September).

The New Orders Index was up 2.8 points, suggesting a return to growth. The Prices Index was down 15 points to 41 percent. Inventories were down 5.3 points to 46.7.

According to Bradley J. Holcomb, chair of the ISM Manufacturing Business Survey Committee, " . . . Comments from respondents are mixed, indicating positive relief from raw materials pricing and continuing strength in a few industries, but there is also more concern and caution about growth in this uncertain economy." 

Federal reimbursement for infrastructure repairs

Federal reimbursement for infrastructure repairsThe Department of Transportation is preparing to reimburse 34 states and three territories for road and bridge repairs necessitated by natural disasters.

California will receive $43.4 million to cover flood and earthquake repairs; North Dakota will be reimbursed $31.5 million for the Devil's Lake region flooding repair work.

"They did their part, and now it's our turn to give the states the money they were promised to help pay for that work," said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in announcing the $215 million in disaster repair reimbursements.

Black Friday sales up 6.6 percent

Black Friday sales up 6.6 percentAccording to retail data and consulting firm, ShopperTrak, sales for the day after Thanksgiving rose 6.6 percent over the same period last year, compared to a 0.3 percent gain in 2010.

The National Retail Federation reported that consumers spent nearly $400, on average, over the Black Friday weekend.

Market research firm, comScore Inc. says online spending on Black Friday jumped 26 percent from a year earlier.

Housing starts up for October

Housing starts up for OctoberIn its November release, the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development reported that privately-owned housing starts for October were up 16.5 percent (+/-10.7 percent) over the 2010 rate.

Similarly, housing building permits were up 17.7 percent (+/-3.4 percent) over last year.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Keeping lines of communication open

Keeping lines of communication openFor customers who spend much of their day on the computer, our Live Chat technology lets you ask your shipping questions online and get a real-time, quick, written response.

Live Chat is available free to registered online users and is the newest way Reddaway makes it easy to stay connected.

Prefer the phone to technology? Reddaway customer service representatives are still just a call away.

Need to look someone in the eye? Account managers and drivers remain dedicated to your service needs.

The thing is, we know good communication is essential to good service.

That's why at Reddaway, keeping lines of communications open and convenient for you is a top priority.

Not using our secure website? Register today to take advantage of all its timesaving tools!

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

JayAs a weight and research (W&R) coordinator at the Tacoma, WA terminal, Jay Hayter is responsible for making sure customers have properly classified and weighed the shipments they ask Reddaway to move.

"Customers make honest mistakes on the classifications," Jay says. In addition to ensuring billing accuracy and proper compensation for Reddaway, Jay says his detailed inspection information can help customers with their future shipments.

Jay refers to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) system, which identifies products with similar characteristics regarding density, stowability, handling needs and liability. The NMFC system helps all carriers prepare for the proper handling of shipments at each touchpoint, from pickup to final delivery.

It's a 12- to 14-hour day of ongoing interactions with fellow workers and exhaustive, careful inspections of shipments for Jay, but that doesn't dampen the enthusiasm of this 12-year employee, "I love everything about my job! The team, the managers, it's a real family atmosphere."

While Jay is reluctant to talk much about himself, he's quick to praise Reddaway, "We have the best service available, the best employees, and uncompromising integrity."

Jay's enthusiasm shows in his work, according to Kim Morgan, manager of Pricing Support, "I have to thank Jay a lot! I mean, really, a lot! He has been awesome and helped with collection disputes, density study requests, and educating our general office staff, as well as being a go-to for sales when they have questions. He really goes above and beyond and it helps me tremendously!"

Jay is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself: To schedule your next shipment, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

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A Place Reddaway Calls Home

Orange County, CA

Orange County, CAIn July 1953, a 160-acre citrus grove in Orange County was cleared for the building of a "magical little park" where children and parents could have fun together. One year and $17 million later, 28,000 people swarmed its streets, experiencing the wonders of the Magic Kingdom. Disneyland was open.

Walt Disney wanted to do something that had never been done before.

For financial support, he reached deeply into his personal resources, borrowing on his insurance and selling his Palm Springs house. When those resources were tapped out, he agreed to produce a television series, "Walt Disney's Disneyland," for ABC television, in exchange for partial financing for the park. Seeing the passenger potential, the Santa Fe Railroad also invested.

To build his dream park, Disney turned to his studio's set designers and cartoonists to assist the work of architects, engineers and designers. Disney checked the progress carefully, contributing his own sweat equity as well as financial resources.

Despite a shaky opening day, with broken rides, unfinished construction, and sweltering heat, Disneyland captured the hearts of young and old, making it one of the most popular attractions in the world.

More than 450 million guests have walked down Main Street U.S.A. in "The Happiest Place on Earth."

Reddaway also calls Orange County home, with six acres and a 58 dock-door facility centrally located to efficiently serve the county.

While the county is busy with warehouse and distribution activities, just as in other areas, our Orange County facility has seen an increase in residential deliveries and lift-gate services. The Reddaway team is there to help.

"I'm very proud of our team," says Terminal Manager Bob Bohi. "They're good people who understand that service is all we have to offer, all we do. When customers ask for the unusual, we do the unusual."

Reddaway knows Orange County and shippers know they can count on Reddaway, the leader in next-day service.

To schedule a pickup, go to or call us at 1-888-420-8960.

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