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Bridge tolls rise

Trucks crossing bridges controlled by the Bay Area Toll Authority in the San Francisco Bay area are experiencing an increase in costs effecting the entire shipping community.

Tolls for trucks crossing the seven Bay Area Toll Authority bridges have increased 39 percent.

The fee is $5 per axle (or $25) for a typical Reddaway truck versus $18 before the increase. The toll to cross the Golden Gate Bridge is even higher at $6 per axle.

The increase will pay for seismic retrofitting of several of the bridges. These tolls add to the costs of providing shipping services in the extremely congested San Francisco Bay area.

Ever mindful that costs continue to rise for all customers, Reddaway is committed to creating more value through extensive next-day coverage and timely, damage-free deliveries. 

Bridge tolls rise
Be alert! Drive "extra" safely in July

The month of July is typically one of the busiest American vacation periods.

Many people utilize the 4th of July holiday time for extended vacation trips.

Be a cautious and aware driver on the nation's highways.

Be alert! Drive "extra" safely in July

The care your tires require

As the things that connect your vehicle to the road, tires should always be a focal point of car maintenance.

This becomes especially true in the summer road-trip months, as higher temperatures, longer trips, and heavier loads all put extra stress on your tires.

Always check your tires for obvious visible damage, ensure proper inflation using a gauge, and monitor tread depth to maximize traction.

Also remember to keep your speed reasonable. High speeds over extended periods of time in hot weather, is a recipe for disaster for your tires.

Take care of those tires, and safe travels this summer!

The care your tires require

Border security certified and compliant

Our cross-border forms and certifications (FAST, PIP, ACE, C-TPAT) are available online.
Border security certified and compliant

Shipping to/from Canada?

Find out about Reddaway cross-border service!

Cross-border service

Every shipment is a priority!

As the next-day leader in the West, Reddaway offers comprehensive next-day service, including intra-CA; on-time performance that surpasses all published industry averages; and superior damage-free handling.

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Every shipment is a priority!

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What's new at Reddaway
The Golden State service you need . . . guaranteed

To, from, and within The Golden State, Reddaway has all of your California shipping needs covered.

 The Golden State service you need . . . guaranteed
With an expansive footprint, more next-day lanes, and a host of service options, Reddaway delivers your California shipments on-time, claim-free, and when you need them.
Take, for example, one of our newest customers, Oly, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of home furnishings headquartered in Berkeley, CA. With facilities in Reno and Berkeley, Oly requires fast and reliable shipping services.
Tammy Miles, Oly Supervisor of Reno Operations, explained why her company chose Reddaway.
"We started doing business with Reddaway six to seven months ago," Tammy said. "We primarily used just one carrier for the entire U.S., but were open to adding a regional carrier if they had service standards that met our needs."
 The Reno Team
Reddaway account executive Robert Fuss, the Reddaway team in Reno, and every link on our California network have delivered the industry-leading service Oly requires.
"Reddaway has performed extremely well on the limited lanes we initially were testing," Tammy said. "We've experienced no service failures and no claims. Now Reddaway handles our largest market state, California, and we are working toward expanding that to include the entire Reddaway footprint."
Tammy also shared the benefits of Reddaway's Guaranteed Services.
"Response to our customers' needs is a priority for us, and we occasionally need next-morning service into our Berkeley facility. We have used Reddaway's 9:00 a.m. and noon guaranteed service with great success so far."
With unmatched next-day service, region-leading on-time and claim-free percentages, and a host of guaranteed and expedited options, Reddaway provides the best in California shipping.

To bring Reddaway expertise to your supply chain, go to or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.
News & other stories
A measure of service

As a Weights & Research Coordinator, Randy Foss works to ensure bills of lading accurately describe the freight on the trailers moving in and out of the Portland, OR terminal.

Describing your product can be a challenge for even veteran shippers. But accurate billing and safe transit starts with accurate shipment descriptions.
Randy Foss, Portland, OR 
Fortunately, Randy knows the over 1,000-page manual of National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) inside and out.

The NMFC is a standard of classification for motor freight that aims to ensure that goods are handled, stowed, and shipped safely and practicably by our nation's motor carriers.

Randy arrives at the Portland terminal at 5 p.m. and doesn't leave until his job is done. Depending on the freight load, he might not leave until 2:30 a.m.--but not before he's surveyed every trailer on the dock.

"I don't just look at the computer and reference numbers and names, because names and numbers don't cut it," said Randy, who has worked for Reddaway for nine years. "I open trailers and look at the freight. I walk the dock, making a big loop about every ten minutes inspecting trailers, and I only take breaks when the drivers and dockworkers do. That way I'm always out there when the freight is moving."

On average, Randy measures around 75 shipments a night and enters inspections on over 40, ensuring compliance on measures such as class, length, density, and packaging standards.

Randy's job is not an easy one by any measure, but it is essential to the accurate rating and safe transport of every shipment.

To bring this level of regional expertise to your shipping, call 1-888-420-8960 or go online.

Reddaway safety champions advance to nationals

The drive to be safer

Two professional Reddaway drivers won top honors for safe-driving skills in Utah and Nevada to qualify for the National Truck Driving Championships, Aug. 7-11.

The Utah champion is Joe Kwiatkowski, who placed first in the flatbed class. In Nevada, Scott Rideout won the twin trailers class.

Joe is a line driver at the Reddaway facility in Saint George, UT. Scott is based at the Reddaway terminal in Reno, NV where he is a line driver.

In addition to the Nevada and Utah contests, Reddaway drivers competed in Washington and Oregon in June.

Top finishers include Scott Bunn, a Reno line driver who placed third in twin trailers in Nevada.
 Utah champion is Joe Kwiatkowski

In Colorado, Wade Duerksen placed second in three-axle, and David Rolando placed third in four-axle. Both are city drivers at Denver.

Reddaway drivers also placed second in the Team Competition at the Colorado contest.

In Oregon, John Vanburen, a city driver at Medford, placed second in straight truck.

"All Reddaway drivers who participate are winners in the real competition, which is operating safely on our highways. To qualify for the state competition, they have to drive the entire year without an accident," said Dave Yonemoto, director of safety for Reddaway.
 Scott Rideout and Scott Bunn

The driving competitions are a special time for us to celebrate our professionalism and prove why Reddaway is the safest and most accomplished company in transportation.

We wish the best to our drivers who will be competing at nationals in August: California twin trailers champion Tracy Dewees; Idaho sleeper champion Scott Colwell; Nevada twin trailers champion Scott Rideout; and Utah flatbed champion Joe Kwiatkowski.

 The Colorado Reddaway Team

 Colorado team

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Prior to entering the transportation industry with Reddaway in 2000, Appointment Clerk/Customer Service professional, Lori Ray had a long, accomplished career as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a nursing home. And while her duties in the Reddaway Denver, CO terminal are quite different than those she held as a nurse, one quality that has clearly carried over is customer care.
Lori Ray, making all the difference in the world 

Denver Terminal Manager, Jim Whitbread explains, "What separates Lori from the rest is her 'can-do' attitude. She is very customer-oriented and works extremely hard to make sure all customers have a positive experience with Reddaway."

With a litany of responsibilities ranging from appointment setting, to managing finances, and an average of over a hundred calls a day, it's a wonder how Lori manages to maintain the level of personalized care that she does.

Though, according to Lori, it's simply the only way to treat people. "I want to treat people the way that I would like to be treated, and that often means that you have to take that extra step. I put myself into the customers' shoes, and that's what motivates me."

Take, for instance, a recent testimonial we received from our valued customers at Speakout! Productions, Inc.--a multi-faceted communications company based in Colorado Springs, CO. When Speakout! owner Brad Hartman was faced with a sticky shipping situation, he turned to Lori Ray for assistance.

Faced with a tangle, Lori Ray went above the call of duty and responded to Brad Hartman's specific needs. Mr. Hartman wrote, "After just a few minutes into the call with Lori, I knew I had someone that cared about my shipment. Everything went exactly as planned. The driver (William Blakeman) even dropped the skid onto the street, and then moved it by hand thirty feet to exactly where I needed it."

"I so much appreciate the work that Lori and her driver did to help me and my business out. We are not a big shipping customer, but when we need shipping, it needs to be done right. Communication is critical. Hats off to Lori and your driver for making all the difference in the world."

Lori is just one example of the people and service that keeps customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself. To schedule your next shipment visit or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.
Tips to make
your life easier
Find your focus, and enhance your efficiency

We're all familiar with the fatigue that comes over the course of a long day in front of the computer. For some it comes in the morning, others after lunch, but for almost all, it is part of our routine.

While many of us have our own methods and strategies of dealing with the desk-job doldrums, the following list provides some tips that might help you improve upon your efficiencies, and keep focused.

Find your focus, and enhance your efficiency 
--Recognize your own rhythm:
We all hit our lulls at different times. Recognizing when your own strikes is essential to productivity. Organize your daily tasks so that the least brain-intensive ones can be done during a lull. If you're uncertain about when you lose your stride, or simply don't trust yourself, try out a time-tracking app such as RescueTime to monitor your productivity.

--Disentangle from the web: Although the Internet is absolutely essential for most of us--it is also an endless sea of tantalizing time-wasters. Delete bookmarks and shortcuts to the sites that distract you the most. Log out of accounts such as Facebook. Put one more barrier between you and procrastination. And if you still can't resist your favorite funny cat photo blog, try time-monitoring browser plugins such as LeechBlock for Firefox or the above mentioned RescueTime for Google Chrome.

--Don't forget to breathe: Finally, productivity is virtually impossible when you don't allow yourself breaks. Find what works best for you to grease your wheels and stave off collapse. Be it social stimulation, physical exercise, or relaxation techniques, it's important to take occasional breaks in order to prevent burn-out and to improve health.

These few tips and tools are just some of the ways you can help to make the most of your time, and maintain your psychological well-being when busy at work.

As it's a problem virtually all of us face, there is a wealth of tools and advice on the subject available online.

Try this blog post, for instance, to find more apps and tools to keep you on track.
By way of the highway

Highlighting how trucking affects our lives, and the people who make it happen

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on a typical day in the United States about 32 million tons of goods valued at 25.2 billion dollars move via trucks on our nation's highways.

Here at Reddaway, we understand that at the core of those statistics are real, hardworking people--people who climb into a truck cab every day to keep America's gears turning. That's why we have created this series "By Way of the Highway"--to honor the people who transport the goods we need to survive. 

At the age of 8, Reddaway driver Tracy Dewees saw a commercial for a truck driving school on the television. He turned to his grandmother beside him and said, "That's what I want to be when I grow up." With both his grandfather and father having driven trucks before him, there was little surprise with his early fascination, and soon his childhood dream was realized.

Tracy Dewees 
Fast forward ten years. Tracy is now 18 and he is now working on shipping docks, receiving his first lessons in professional driving from the veterans surrounding him.

Well, now it's twenty-seven-some years later and Tracy still maintains his childhood love and fascination with trucking as a driver for Reddaway.
Tracy joined Reddaway in 1990 and currently runs a rather complicated triples route from the Downey, CA terminal to Las Vegas, NV.

He wakes at 4 a.m. five days a week to coordinate his day with the other Reddaway drivers he connects with on a relay route. He then hits the road at 7:30 a.m., and usually doesn't arrive home until 8 or 9 p.m. But despite the demanding schedule, you won't hear Tracy complain.

"They're long days, but I really love what I do. It puts a smile on my face to know that I get paid to do what I love. Not many people can say that, and I consider myself very fortunate."

Though it's not just his attitude that sets Tracy apart. Since joining Reddaway in 1990 he has not had a single driving accident or workplace injury, and has racked up over two million consecutive miles of accident-free driving; both of those achievements putting him amongst an elite class of professional drivers.

Tracy has taken those safe-driving skills to state truck driving competitions since 1997, and just this month, he took first place in the twin trailers class at the 2012 California Professional Truck Driving Competitions. With this victory he will go on to compete in the elite National Truck Driving Championships in Minneapolis, MN, Aug. 7-11.

When he's not driving or winning championships, Tracy spends time with his childhood sweetheart and wife of 30 years, Jackie, and their two children, Nathan and Melissa. He and his wife both share a love of all things with a motor, and Tracy logs many hours working at home on his 1960s sports cars.

Highly skilled, safety-committed drivers like Tracy Dewees are at the core of Reddaway's leading next-day, on-time, damage-free shipping. With the best of the best behind the wheel, we are confident that we will continue to deliver the best possible service in the region.

We thank Tracy and all of the Reddaway team for their continued efforts towards safety excellence.

Congratulations to Tracy on his recent win and good luck at Nationals!
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