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Mark your shipments and bills of lading with "Protect From Freezing" to receive specialized freeze protection services.
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Save those shipments from freezing!

Winter safe driving tip

Use extra caution when approaching bridges

Elevated structures, such as bridges and highway overpasses, usually freeze first, and many are not treated with ice or snow-melt materials (salt, sand) like the rest of the road.

Many vehicles travel fine on the highway but on a bridge--they spin out of control.

Find out about our proactive weather service alerts.

Winter safe driving tip

Shipping to/from Canada?

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Shipping to/from Canada 

Hawaii without headaches

Did you know that Reddaway provides comprehensive and convenient door-to-door service to Hawaii?

Single point of contact, single invoice service, and reliable inland and ocean transit times . . . all with service coverage to over 98% of the Hawaiian population.

Set sail with Reddaway today by contacting our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.
Hawaii service

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What's new at Reddaway
California service you can count on

When it comes to California, Reddaway has all the bases covered. With more next-day lanes, higher on-time percentages, and nearly non-existent claims, Reddaway is the best of the best LTL in the west.

California service you can count on
Just ask our long-time customers at CSF Inc. They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality, OE style radiators and condensers for many import and domestic applications.

We have been providing service to them for over five years--making sure their shipments were delivered safely and on-time throughout the Pacific Northwest. However, it wasn't until recently that CSF switched to Reddaway for its California service. And according to CSF Customer Service Supervisor, Amanda Ghyst, Reddaway has exceeded expectations.

"Reddaway has provided a higher quality of service to our California customers than other carriers--with faster deliveries made in better condition," Amanda said. "Reddaway provides timely deliveries, and delivers the pallets complete and undamaged. This provides our customers with the best possible service, and prevents time from being wasted filing and tracking claims."

In addition to being pleased with the performance, Ms. Ghyst praised our customer service. “Kristina Cruz, our account manager, has been fantastic and very supportive," she said. "Also, our regular driver, Armando Gonzalez, is phenomenal about our pickups."

With fifteen California service centers, a host of expedited and guaranteed service options, unmatched on-time and damage-free ratios, next-day expertise, and unparalleled customer service... Reddaway California delivers the complete package.

Don't miss out  on our all-star service! Visit us online at, or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960 to start shipping today.

News & other stories
The employee edge

Reddaway can proudly boast an over 98% on-time ratio, a 99.9% damage-free delivery percentage, and even the largest next-day footprint in the west . . . but there are some factors in great shipping that are simply impossible to quantify--and one of those factors is the human one.

 Reddaway professional driver, Robert Faber (Orange, CA)
Take professional driver, Robert Faber (Orange, CA). An 18-year Reddaway veteran, Robert has been driving professionally since the age of 18, and five days a week runs a city route in and around Cerritos, CA.

Robert truly loves his job as many of his customers can testify. We recently received an email regarding Robert from Alliance Traffic--leaders in freight management for over 25 years. Alliance customer service professional, Veronica Freitas, explained that a customer recently called her to applaud Robert.

"Recently the customer was expecting a very important shipment. They mentioned it was needed as early as possible. Robert requested the PRO number, called his dispatcher, and the next morning the freight was on their dock."

"Robert is an outstanding employee. This is just one of the many compliments I have received about him. Alliance truly appreciates Reddaway providing our customers with this level of service."

According to Robert, pro-actively meeting the customer's shipping needs is the only sensible way to be.

"All we have in this business is service," said Robert. "If you don't take care of a customer, someone else will. In my mind, I really didn't go much farther beyond what normally would be done. The customer wanted a shipment to arrive earlier. I just worked to make it happen."

Reddaway makes a special delivery

We made a very special delivery to the KGW News studios in Portland, OR this past holiday season. In support of the news network's annual KGW Great Toy Drive, Reddaway hauled 160 tricycles to fill the donation pool, free of charge.

Reddaway makes a special delivery
The pink, three-wheeled fleet was supplied by an anonymous donor, and Reddaway made sure they arrived on-time, safe and sound. The news network has been organizing this event for over 30 years. Reddaway was proud to make the 2012 drive a little brighter with this delivery.

Dick Brack, Reddaway director of claims, organized the delivery and explained how the whole Portland crew worked together making sure the trikes got to their destination.

"Logistics were handled by our operations team at our local Portland service center," Dick said. "Marty Hope, Terminal Manager and Jeff Savage, Operations Manager, as well as Steve Oyler, Dispatch Manager--all teamed up to make it happen. They worked to get the shop and equipment extra clean for the video shoot, despite the weather!"

The delivery was made in typical Reddaway fashion--on-time, damage-free, and with unmatched service. "Our driver arrived on time in the pouring rain and unloaded the six pallets inside the KGW studios," said Dick Brack.

"We were happy to be able to help get this donation in the hands of the children who needed them this holiday season. Reddaway has been around for over 90 years. We are strongly connected to the community. We always value opportunities like this to give back."

Committed to its customers and community alike, Reddaway provides unmatched service in the region. Many thanks to KGW News for organizing this drive and to the anonymous donor who helped to make the holidays brighter for 160 kids.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Reddaway Customer Service Clerk, Lisa Fernandez, typically arrives at the Los Angeles, CA service center at 6:30 a.m., and stays until her "to do" list is cleared. And in Lisa's role, that list is diverse.

Lisa Fernandez, Reddaway Customer Service Clerk, LA
From handling payroll to fielding customer service calls to being a key factor in every Hawaii-bound shipment that Reddaway processes--Lisa can be counted on to take on the job and get it done right.

"Lisa undoubtedly is a 'go-to' person for the Los Angeles center," said Terminal Manager, Salvador Leal. "Lisa's company knowledge and relationships built throughout our organization assist her in effectively finding resolution to both external and internal customer needs. She has proven over the years to be a valued resource for our area and the whole Southern Division."

"When I receive a call from a customer, my goal is to provide them with every possible answer and resolution," explained Lisa.

"I want to see customers satisfied, and I want to see Reddaway continue to be successful. Both of these rely on each other."

Reddaway relies upon hardworking, skilled individuals like Lisa to remain the regional leaders in next-day LTL shipping. Lisa is just one example of the people and service that keeps customers coming back to Reddaway.

Experience Reddaway service for yourself. To schedule your next shipment, visit or call our Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960.

By way of the highway

Highlighting how trucking affects our lives, and the people who make it happen

Reddaway professional driver, Scott Rideout, appreciates the importance of his work. According to Scott, what he likes most about being a professional driver is "being part of what moves the world."

Scott Rideout, Reddaway professional driver, Reno, NV
Scott began his career at the age of 19, as a professional tow truck driver--a job that provided some valuable lessons in the repercussions of reckless driving. According to Scott, since then he's "driven almost everything on the road except for tankers and buses."

No matter what vehicle he's driven, Scott has employed his skill and experience to always remain safe. Over his 9-year career, Scott has already amassed over 875,000 consecutive miles of safe driving. That's about 34 circumnavigations of the globe or nearly 2 round trips to the moon!

Luckily for us, for the past two years Scott has been providing those impeccably safe driving services with Reddaway, as a linehaul driver out of the Reno, NV service center.

Scott's safety skills aren't limited to the highways. This past July, Scott took first place in the twin trailers class at the Nevada State Truck Driving Championships and earned himself a trip to the national competitions hosted in Minneapolis in August.

Though a proud champion, Scott explains that his motivation to compete is driven firstly by a desire to improve as a driver. "I compete just for the learning experience. I have learned so much that I never knew before participating in the driving competitions."

By committing to constant improvement and safety, drivers like Scott make our nation's highways better places for everyone, and make Reddaway a better place to do business.

Congrats to Scott on his first place win in Nevada and best wishes on adding even more accident-free safe miles to his record! 

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