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The carrier for California coverage
How the West was won
A step-up in San Diego
Reddaway reigns at state driving competitions
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Enduring the Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days ... we are currently in the midst of the hottest stretch of the year ... in one of the hottest years on record.

So seek shade, sip your water, and stick to the A/C whenever possible.

Well beyond being simply uncomfortable, extremely high temperatures and humidity are flat out dangerous!

Stay hydrated, wear light, breathable clothing and do your best to limit your exposure to the heat and sun.

These conditions can be especially taxing on older folks as well as pets. Please be sure to take special care during the sweltering Dog Days of Summer.

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The carrier for California coverage

No carrier knows California better than Reddaway. From North-to-South, from coast-to-state, Reddaway has California completely covered.

With more service centers, more drivers, more next-day lanes, and more on-time reliability, Reddaway has the most in the Golden State.

Reddaway currently boasts 15 service centers in the state of California, strategically dispersed across the map to ensure swift and complete coverage to all points throughout the region.

With this large footprint comes an unbeatable array of lanes, allowing for next-day service to all California and Nevada direct points. That kind of flexibility and speed can only be offered by Reddaway!

This unique density of service centers is matched with our Californian team of 1,225 drivers and freight handlers, whose hard work enables us to consistently deliver on our service promise.

This award-winning combination also makes Reddaway the number one choice for consolidation and distribution services in the state. Allow our strong presence to strengthen and streamline your supply-chain, by turning many shipments into one or one shipment into many. Single-source service will ensure the utmost efficiency by giving you greater control, less down time, and simplified paperwork.

To top it all off, our unparalleled Californian coverage and capabilities come with industry-leading levels of on-time reliability.

Not only do we have more next-day lanes than the competition, but we fulfill our on-time promise over 98% of the time!

Next-day, on-time, and damage-free . . . to, from, and within the great state of California. That's the Reddaway equation for better California coverage.

Contact a customer representative at 888-420-8960 or visit us online at to schedule your next Cali shipment with Reddaway today!

News & other stories
How the West was won

At the core of Reddaway greatness is a firm focus for faster, friendlier, and more reliable service in our region. Beginning in Oregon some 94 years ago, Reddaway was and still remains strongly committed to the Pacific Northwest and its surrounds. Within our territory, we have grown considerably over the years, and we currently operate 49 service centers across the West.

Our superior service and performance is honored by our record of winning Logistics Management magazine's prestigious Quest for Quality Award for 19-years. Year after year, Reddaway has earned this award for superlative service figures, such as our current on-time delivery rate of over 98%, and our claim-free rate of over 99%.

As the largest, most reliable regional carrier in the West, Reddaway is your best bet for winning service this side of the Mississippi. Come see what award-winning, regional service can do for your supply-chain. Call our Customer Care Group at 888-420-8960 or visit and schedule your next shipment with Reddaway today.

A step-up in San Diego

On July 22, we relocated our San Diego service center to a brand new Reddaway operations center at 1740 47th Street, San Diego, CA 92102. The change is due in large part to continued growth in the California market, and a subsequent need for a larger, more centrally-located facility.

The new service center offers significant improvements in cross-dock processes, freight security, computer access, and border-crossing opportunities, just to name a few.

We are pleased and excited to expand and improve our San Diego operations to provide better service for our customers.

Take a quick tour around the new facilities by visiting our facebook photo album here. Please feel free to like, share, and leave your comments to let us know what you think!

Reddaway reigns at state driving competitions

Three Reddaway professional drivers recently took first place trophies in their respective state truck driving competitions. Scott Colwell (Boise, ID) won first place honors in the sleeper class at the 2013 Idaho State Truck Driving Championships; Jeff Payne (Salt Lake City, UT) placed first in the twin trailers class at the 2013 Utah State Truck Driving Championships; and John Van Buren took first in the straight truck class at the 2013 Oregon State Truck Driving Championships. .

With these wins, all three drivers now qualify to participate in the 2013 National Truck Driving Championships this August 20-24 in Salt Lake City, UT!

Scott, Jeff and John have made many showings in truck driving competitions over the years, and have amassed plenty of trophies. Scott has been competing in truck driving competitions for the past 13 years and took first place in states on three separate occasions – twice in the 3-axle class (2007, 2009) -- and once prior in the sleeper class (2012). Scott has been in the transportation industry for 26 years, and has spent 21 years as a local pickup and delivery driver out of the Reddaway Boise facility.

Jeff's host of accomplishments includes 12 first place trophies in the state of Utah, and a first place prize at nationals in 2011! He has also been the proud recipient of the Utah State Grand Champion Award in 2003 and 2011. Jeff has been in the transportation industry for 26 years, and has spent 19 of those years with Reddaway. He now operates as a pickup and delivery driver out of Salt Lake City.

John has been in the transportation industry 24 years, and has been competing in truck driving championships for the past 15. In that time, he has secured four first place finishes in Oregon's straight truck category (2003, 2005, 2010, 2013). For 22 years, John has been driving for Reddaway as a local pickup and delivery driver out of the Medford, OR service center.

To qualify for these state events, each driver must go the entire year prior without a single accident. Through dedication and commitment to both safety and their craft, Scott, Jeff and John are true champions! Congratulations on the big wins, and best of luck at Nationals! Go Team Reddaway!

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