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Reddaway looks great in Orange

Orange County, CA

Orange, CA is home to over 135,000 residents and our Orange County terminal. Located a mere 32 miles southeast of Los Angeles, our proximity to the second-largest city in the country makes Orange ripe with activity.

Situated near the Santa Ana River (and near the neighboring city of Anaheim) the Reddaway Orange terminal is a large, high-volume hub that relies upon 87 Reddaway employees to keep its 58-door dock churning. Our Orange facility is home to 26 city drivers and 22 linehaul drivers who ensure the safe and efficient movement of freight in and out of the center 7 days a week.

Terminal Manager, Bob Bohi, estimates that about two-thirds of the service center's shipments are next-day shipments, in addition to a sizable amount of guaranteed shipments and hazardous materials.

This Reddaway service center offers next-day lanes to 13 different Reddaway terminals within California and to 6 terminals outside of the state. With so much traffic to such a wide assortment of locations, the cargo is quite varied. Everything from paper products to bicycles pass through Orange, including products of some world-famous brands such as Xerox and Panasonic.

Despite the fast-paced, high-volume environment, Orange has a strong safety culture led by drivers like Art Ayala (2 million miles without an accident and working toward 3 million) and Robert Faber, an 18-year Reddaway veteran who drives a city route in and around Cerritos, CA. Robert believes pro-actively meeting the customer's shipping needs is the only sensible way to be.

"We have a highly active Safety Committee that makes recommendations and provides information to help keep us all safe," said Bob Bohi. "We have implemented a facility-wide Safety Vest program where vests are worn by all employees on the dock and in the yard. We have a skilled and veteran group of drivers representing us safely in the community, including a number of drivers such as Tom Gallagher (a 31-year Reddaway veteran), Carl Gillion, Abel Gonzalez and Randy Obiedzenski who compete in state and national truck driving safety competitions. We have so many great drivers--it is impossible to list them all." To compete in safety championships, drivers must be accident-free the entire year prior to the competition. Our drivers are among the nation's most professional and safest drivers.

The Reddaway Orange terminal is just one of the integral locations of our incomparable California coverage, and a model for safety, efficiency and service. That’s California service you can count on!

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The certain confidence of a guarantee

Reddaway Guaranteed Services

It's nearly October, and the turning of the leaves serves as a colorful testament to the inevitability and predictability of nature's cycles. While we can be confident that fall will bring cooler temperatures and shorter days, what it may bring for business could be uncertain. When it comes to your supply chain, certainty could be hard to come by.

However, Reddaway has a solution. You can bolster your supply chain with reliability, predictability and certainty--with Guaranteed Services from Reddaway.

For those high-priority shipments that absolutely must arrive on-time, Reddaway offers a suite of Guaranteed delivery options designed to accommodate any and every one of your unique shipping needs.

Our standard guaranteed options include delivery before 9 a.m., before noon, and before 3:30 p.m.

We also offer a host of window delivery options to provide you with unparalleled precision in managing your logistics.

Single-day and multi-day windows, as well as single-hour and multi-hour windows allow for delivery customization no matter how specific your pickup or delivery needs may be.

Along with speed and precision, you also gain peace of mind and confidence from a Reddaway guarantee. The certain confidence and control gained from a Reddaway guarantee are invaluable assets that are sure to let you sleep easier at night.

Speed, precision and peace of mind--three qualities that are second-to-none in the realm of supply chain management.

Don't let uncertainty plague your most precious shipments. Let the transportation experts at Reddaway get your cargo delivered on-time--not early, not late, but exactly when you need it. And bask in the comfort and confidence of a 100% on-time guarantee.

Learn more about our Guaranteed delivery services by visiting us online at or call our Reddaway Customer Care Group at 1-888-420-8960 today.

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