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Thanks to All For a Tremendous 2013
The Reliability of Reddaway – Right Where You Reside
Reddaway Phoenix Rallies in Support of Cancer Research
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Thanks to All For a Tremendous 2013

As we close the calendar on 2013 and prepare to move into the New Year, we reflect back on what was truly a tremendous 2013.

Reddaway saw much success over the past 12 months. We were honored with two safety awards from the California Trucking Association, as well as two more safety awards from the Utah Trucking Association. For the twentieth year, we took home a Quest for Quality award from Logistics Management magazine.

Reddaway also expanded its service capabilities to meet shipping needs into Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. With easy distribution to this new area, our current capabilities as a western states service leader are broadened.

Four Reddaway professional drivers earned state safety championships and made it all the way to the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) in August. NTDC is the final stage for competitive truck driving, where state safety champions go head-to-head for the title of best in the nation. Simply qualifying for this event signifies a massive achievement. However, Reddaway drivers Jeff Payne and John Van Buren went one step further. They finished the 4-day competition as top five finalists!

As proud as we are of our safety superstars, Reddaway owes thanks to all of our customer-focused employees. It is due to their knowledge, skills, talent and dedication that Reddaway enjoyed such a tremendous 2013. We thank them for their many efforts and achievements.

And most importantly, we at Reddaway are grateful for the driving force behind our success--you, the customer.

It is through your valued partnerships and belief in Reddaway that we have come to be and proudly remain "The Best in the West."

Each and every award, recognition, honor, and achievement made throughout 2013 was earned because of our dedication to providing industry-leading service for you.

Thank you, our valued customers, for an incredible 2013. We look forward to providing you with even more outstanding service in 2014!

News & other stories
The Reliability of Reddaway – Right Where You Reside

At no other time of the year does "there's no place like home" ring quite so true as the holiday season. It is a treat to be home with your family nearby.

So in the spirit of the season, Reddaway has happily unveiled our new Residential Delivery Service!

Give your customers the gift of convenience and comfort by bringing your shipment right to their front doors.

Reddaway Residential Delivery Service brings on-time, damage-free reliability direct to your home. It's perfect for shipping large, heavy items such as exercise equipment, furniture and playground sets.

We deliver your shipment six days a week throughout our generous service footprint--from as far north as British Columbia--and all the way south to Tucson, Arizona.

Our new service also comes with tracking and visibility technologies that allow your customers to follow the progress of their packages effortlessly.

Our Reddaway Residential Threshold Service features include:

  • Curbside, inside-garage or front-door drop off
  • Two-person delivery on all shipments
  • Liftgate
  • Pallet jack
  • Mutually agreeable appointment

Reddaway Residential Premier Service includes all of the service features of Threshold Service (listed above), plus:

  • Unpack/debris removal
  • Light assembly
  • Placement

With all this, you can better serve your customers, while increasing efficiency and lowering your costs.

So couple the comfort of a cozy home and top-quality LTL service this holiday season with Reddaway Residential Delivery.

For more information about Residential Delivery, visit or call 888-420-8960 today!

Reddaway Phoenix Rallies in Support of Cancer Research

This holiday season, the Reddaway Phoenix service center embraced the spirit of giving, by supporting the battle against breast cancer.

Led by terminal manager, Jim Byrne, the Reddaway Phoenix Team came together to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Reddaway employees reached into their hearts to aid in the fight against the most common form of invasive cancer in women worldwide.

Development Associate for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Robin Hansen, expressed her immense appreciation for the Phoenix Team's generosity with a handwritten acknowledgement.

"Thank you to you and your employees for your donation," wrote Robin. "It is so nice to know there are people who are passionate about our mission, and who make the effort to fundraise for us. We can't do what we do without you!"

We thank Robin and the rest of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for their kind letter of appreciation, and more importantly, for leading in the fight against a disease that impacts the lives of so many.

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