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Reddaway Knows California
Reddaway Knows Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana
Reddaway Presented with Patriotic Employer Award
High-Flying Reddaway Customers
Steer Clear . . . Clear?
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Reddaway Knows Alaska

Shippers moving freight to, from or within Alaska have a reliable resource in Reddaway. Through our partner, Pacific Alaska Freightways, Reddaway shipments sail from the Port of Tacoma twice weekly to the docks or doorsteps of your Alaskan customers.

Call us at 888-420-8960 to speak with an Alaska shipping specialist or visit us online.


Residential Service
Shipping docks aren’t the only place you'll see Reddaway trucks unloading. You can also find them in front of your customers' homes with Reddaway Residential Delivery Service.

Six days a week, the best regional LTL carrier in the West can directly deliver your large items like furniture, workout equipment and home appliances. Visit us online or dial 888-420-8960 to learn more about Reddaway Residential Service today.

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Reddaway Knows California

Shippers in the Golden State know that they can depend on Reddaway for reliable next-day service all along the west coast. Shippers know that with Reddaway, they have access to more service centers, more drivers and more next-day lanes than any other regional carrier does.

With all that horsepower focused on getting your freight where it needs to be, you can feel confident that each of your shipments will arrive safely, damage-free and on time.

Check our stats, and you will see that we live up to our on-time promise over 98% of the time! No other regional carrier delivers with that level of reliability.

With service centers throughout the Reddaway network of 12 states including Alaska plus British Columbia in Eureka to the north, San Diego to the south and 12 more in-between--including three of our company-wide highest volume facilities (Fontana, Los Angeles, Oakland)--you have strategic coverage where you need it. Many of those terminals provide outgoing connections to your destinations throughout the Reddaway network of 12 states including Alaska, plus British Columbia.

Our large network and award-winning team of transportation professionals also make Reddaway the number one choice for consolidation and distribution services. Let Reddaway strengthen and streamline your supply chain by consolidating multiple shipments into one, or breaking down a single shipment for multiple destinations, turning many shipments into one or one shipment into many.

If you're shipping in the West, then you should rely on the best. Contact a customer representative at 888-420-8960 or visit us online at to schedule your next shipment with Reddaway today!

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Reddaway Knows Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana

With easy distribution to Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, Reddaway is a complete and formidable western service provider.

Shipping with Reddaway means quality handling, on-time performance and best-in-class customer care.

With one of the lowest claim ratios in the industry and 98% on-time reliability, Reddaway provides superior service you can count on--every time.

Reddaway is a complete and formidable western service provider. Learn more.


Reddaway Presented with Patriotic Employer Award

Reddaway dockworker Justin Calkins recently presented Jason BreenMissoula Terminal Manager and Robert Bull, Operations Manager with a Patriotic Employer award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense for "Contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America's National Guard and Reserve Force."

Justin, a Reddaway dockworker prior to his deployment with the Army National Guard, is an incredible asset to the Reddaway Missoula facility.

On active duty for one year and stationed for nine months in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Justin proudly served his country. Reddaway was honored and pleased to have him safely back.

Reddaway is proud to have over one hundred employees who are veterans. If you are a veteran with a story to tell, let us know so we may recognize you also.


High-Flying Reddaway Customers

What's 200 feet long, floats in the air and puts a smile on people's faces? It's the Goodyear Blimp, one of the best known and most loved corporate icons in America.

For almost 90 years, these slow-moving, high-flying dirigibles have served as Goodyear's airborne ambassadors.

Some Reddaway customers in California became part of the very select group of people able to say that they were passengers who traveled on board a blimp. On March 7, they climbed into the sky aboard the Spirit of America, based at Goodyear's Carson flight facility, located between Long Beach and downtown Los Angeles.

"As a valued supplier to Goodyear, they generously provided us with this opportunity," said Reddaway Area Sales Director Mark Wright. "We, in turn, show our appreciation to some Reddaway customers in this region by taking them up in the blimp."

"Five customers and one Reddaway representative went up on each of the six flights," recalled Randy Gardner, Account Manager.

"It's really a special event. I know that a lot of screensavers and computer desktops now feature a new photo of grinning customers with the blimp floating in the background."

Only a few Reddaway customers had the opportunity to experience the thrill of lazing along the California coast in a Goodyear Blimp--but every customer has the opportunity to experience remarkable next- and two-day delivery services provided by the award-winning Reddaway team.



Steer Clear . . . Clear?

Some minor changes to your driving habits will help you steer clear of collisions with other vehicles sharing the road with you.

One of the safety fundamentals followed by professional truck drivers is constantly to monitor the space "cushion" in front of them.

They try to always allow enough room to stop safely or steer around problems ahead.

Cars frequently dive into those cushion areas which instantly eliminates the safe-stop space a truck requires.

THE PHYSICS: A truck takes about three times the stopping distance of a car. Truck brake systems work more slowly than the brake systems in cars where braking begins the instant the pedal is pushed down.

In a truck, the length of the vehicle and mass of the brake components cause a delay of about a half second before braking begins. At 60 mph, that adds almost 50 feet to the braking distance.

Stay safe by keeping a cushion in front of you and don't take the cushion of the truck next to you by diving in front of it.

Respecting that cushion is a proven way to steer clear . . . clear?

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