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Northward bound
Bright future for safety and energy reduction
Four Reddaway professional drivers headed to 2015 NTDC
Medford safety milestone celebration
By Way of the Highway: Dean Goodnight
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Reddaway Receives Award from GlobalTranz

GlobalTranz recently awarded Reddaway its top carrier in the western region.

The company asked the members of its Freight Agent Network to name the very best carriers in each of the four national regions.

Reddaway was their #1 choice in its region.

GlobalTranz thanked Reddaway and its other award-winning carriers for helping create "... a monstrously successful 2014."


Reddaway Recognized for Exceptional Service by Echo Global Logistics

Reddaway was recognized for exceptional service by Echo Global Logistics.

Echo named Reddaway their Regional LTL Carrier of the Year for outstanding carrier service.

Echo chose their Regional Carrier of the Year award carrier based on "outstanding service, commitment and performance to our customers and employees."

Reddaway best measured up to Echo's quality standards and is the carrier that Echo's nationwide personnel most enjoy doing business with and trust with their freight.

Reddaway has "consistently risen to these high levels with both our shippers and our personnel."

Driver Kevin Gabaldon--Incomparable customer service
Reddaway understands exceptional customer service.

Every employee--across all levels--must be dedicated to delivering the very best in customer service, each and every day. 

Recently, we received a letter from our long-time customers at Acme Distribution, praising one of our professional drivers for that very dedication to service.
“Your driver, Kevin Gabaldon, has carried on the great work ethic I have come to expect from your company,” wrote Michael Dobson of Acme Distribution.
“He is thorough in verifying the accuracy and condition of his loads. He makes sure to have his trailer in good condition which is very important to our customers. Everyone really likes Kevin. He has been courteous, helpful and diligent here at Acme.”
These shipments are no easy pickup--single pallets that can contain merchandise valued at over $100,000 and each package must be delivered in perfect condition--without a single ding or crease. 
Kevin Gabaldon

Denver Service Center Manager, 
Jim Whitbread, says Kevin is the perfect driver for this job. 

“He will go the extra mile. He takes his job very seriously...and he prides himself on a job well done.”

Kevin says he enjoys connecting with his customers. “I learned at a young age about taking pride in where I work, and that I am a representative of my company and myself,” said Kevin.

We thank Michael Dobson and Acme Distribution for their kind words and partnership.

We also thank Kevin Gabaldon for his commitment to superior customer service and for doing business the Reddaway way!

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Northward bound

We Know Alaska

Reddaway provides coverage to Alaska with dependable and consistent delivery schedules. We deliver between the Port of Tacoma, WA and your customers' doorstep in Alaska.

Two weekly sailings to/from the Port of Tacoma to multiple Alaskan ports ensure that your domestic shipments arrive on time. We provide dependable and consistent delivery schedules to meet your supply chain needs.

Moving freight by ship adds some complexity to the process but not for you, the shipper. Reddaway experts make the process painless, providing a single source for your quote and a single invoice, with electronic tracking and proof of delivery to monitor the movement of your freight.

With deliveries from Anchorage to Fairbanks, from Seward to Soldatna and well beyond, Reddaway provides best-in-class service.

Why? Because Reddaway knows Alaska. Our dedicated customer service experts know Alaska, the shipping industry and what it takes to deliver customer satisfaction.

News & Other Stories
Bright future for safety and energy reduction

Bright future for safety and energy reduction

We've all heard the term "carbon footprint." It's the way we measure how much carbon dioxide is created when we burn fossil fuel (coal, gas and oil). Individuals and companies trying to improve the environment use their carbon footprint as a measure of progress. At Reddaway, administrative assistant Denise Richards helped us take a giant stride in reducing our footprint and being more "green" with our operations.

Denise took the wheel of a project to improve the lighting in our Portland shop. The primary goal was to improve safety by eliminating dark areas but the new, more-efficient light fixtures also dramatically reduced energy use. Based on the success in Portland, the project expanded to include other Reddaway facilities.

Denise Richards 

Three of the initial projects demonstrated the marked benefits of the lighting upgrade--annual energy savings and 200 fewer tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. 

Those benefits are in addition to the greatly improved safety created by the brighter work areas. Denise's success was recognized with a YRC Worldwide Destination Green Environmental Excellence Award.

"I was really excited to take on this project," said Denise. "I joked with my boss that it was 'my chance to shine.' I learned a lot about the quality and costs of different types of lighting. It's exciting that the upgraded lighting is making our shops, terminals and yards brighter and safer while reducing our energy use."

Four projects have been completed so far. Work is underway at another Reddaway terminal, and four more are being evaluated for lighting upgrades.

Four Reddaway professional drivers headed to 2015 NTDC


Truck Driving Championship (TDC) season has come to a close and Reddaway has once again been well represented! Four Reddaway professional drivers have won their state championship and earned a trip to Nationals!

On the weekend of May 15, Dean Goodnight (Boise, ID)--Flatbed and Dan Istre (Boise, ID)--Twins both took first place trophies at the 2015 Idaho State Truck Driving Championships.

Dean Goodnight has been driving professionally for 31 years and has spent nearly 25 of those years with Reddaway. Dean started competing in TDCs in 1996 and has amassed a number of first place trophies. He placed first in the 4-Axle division and was named Grand Champion for the state of Idaho four times! He did so in 2003, 2005, 2006 and again this year.

 Dean Goodnight
 Dan Istre
 Chris Mireles
 John Van Buren

Dan Istre has been driving professionally for 36 years and has spent the past 21 years driving for Reddaway. He started competing in TDCs in 1999 and, like Dean, has racked up a lot of gold over the years. Dan has placed first five times since starting his TDC career! His first place finishes came in 1999, 2002, 2009, 2014 and 2015. Dan was named Idaho Driver of the Year in 2010.

Over that same weekend, Chris Mireles (Los Angeles, CA)--Twins finished first at the 2015 California State Truck Driving Championships. Chris has been driving professionally for 18 years, the past 3 years being spent with Reddaway. He has been competing in TDCs since 2004. This year marks his first state win and his first trip to Nationals.

On June 13, John Van Buren (Medford, OR)--Sleeper earned first place at the 2015 Oregon Truck Driving Championships.

John Van Buren has been in the transportation industry for 26 years, spending the past 23 years with Reddaway as a city driver. John is a seasoned veteran of TDCs with plenty of wins under his belt. This is the third consecutive year that John has taken top honors in the state of Oregon and his sixth win overall since he started competing in TDCs 12 years ago! John's previous first place finishes came in 2003, 2005, 2010, 2013 and 2014.

In order to qualify for competitions, drivers must go the full year prior to the event without a single preventable collision. With their first place wins at state TDCs, Dean, Dan, Chris and John have qualified to compete at the 2015 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC).

NTDC is called by many the Superbowl of safe truck driving! These safety champions vie for top national honors. NTDC will be held August 11-15 at the America's Center in St. Louis, MO.

Congratulations to Dean, Dan, Chris and John on their very impressive wins and best of luck at Nationals!

We thank all of our hardworking Reddaway professionals who competed this year. You are our safety superstars! Go Reddaway!

Medford safety milestone celebration

Most people would assume that a "Mickey Mouse event" is something to skip, however the recent safety celebration at our Medford, OR terminal was a genuine Mickey Mouse grilled event that everyone was happy to attend.

Reddaway Team Medford employees celebrated the impressive milestone of achieving 1,500 days without a lost-time injury record. To celebrate, the employees were treated to a steak dinner barbecue and all the trimmings with grill duties handled by Jay Johnson, a Reddaway fueler-mechanic.

"Jay used to be a chef but about eight years ago, decided he wanted a career change and came to Reddaway,” explained Bob Burk, Medford’s Equipment Service Center Manager and one of the cookout organizers. “Jay joined Reddaway and since then he's become our first choice when it comes to cooking at employee events. He does a great job."

Regardless of the grillmeister's costume, the food was fabulous and Team Medford is looking forward to reaching their next safety milestone.

By Way of the Highway: Dean Goodnight

Dean Goodnight, Safety Superstar

Reddaway professional driver, Dean Goodnight, recently earned first place in the Flatbed category at the 2015 Idaho State Truck Driving Championships and was named the 2015 ID State Grand Champion. It was a fitting award for Dean--Champion--as he surely is one, through and through.

Dean has been driving professionally for 31 years with nearly 25 of those years driving for Reddaway. He is domiciled in the Reddaway Boise, ID terminal as a City Driver covering the West Valley area of Boise. Dean drives 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, and covers approximately 100 miles a day, maneuvering his way through a dense, traffic-laden city.

It's no easy task but that kind of driving is the perfect form of training for Truck Driving Championships (TDCs). Dean has translated the skills he's developed into an astounding collection of championship trophies.

Dean first started competing in TDCs in 1996 and since then has secured 4 first place finishes and 4 Grand Champion titles! To be named Grand Champion, a driver must finish with the highest overall score out of all classes in the competition. Overall, Dean has finished top 3 in Idaho 11 times since 1996!

It's not just during competitions that Dean is a safety champion. He has never had an accident while behind the wheel--that is at work and also in his own vehicle after a lifetime of driving!

"The key to staying safe behind the wheel is defensive driving," said Dean. "You have to use your professional knowledge, experience and awareness to see what's going to happen before it actually does."

According to Boise Terminal Manager, Mac Jones, Dean isn't just a great driver, but he's also a great employee.

"Dean has been an outstanding Reddaway employee at the Boise facility for just under 25 years," Mac said. "Dean is a true driving professional with a great attitude and outlook on life."

Dean's most recent first place finish has earned him a trip to the 2015 National Truck Driving Championships this August in St. Louis, MO. We wish Dean the best of luck at Nationals, and thank him for helping to make Reddaway the best, safest carrier in the West!

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