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Precision, Speed and Flexibility = A Perfect Score
A Smoking Hot Delivery
2015 NTDC Wrap-Up
Reddaway is Proud to Announce Two New Team Members
Toyota Names Reddaway Top Regional Carrier
Inbound Logistics Names Reddaway Top 100 Trucker
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We hire the best. We hire former military, like Louis Geisler.

The June issue of G.I. Jobs: Your Guide to Civilian Success spotlighted Reddaway driver Louis Geisler, city driver from Sacramento, CA (p. 76). Louis served as a Sergeant in the Army.

Louis was asked about his job hunt and replied: "Job hunting was really hard. I got out during the height of a bad economy, and it was hard to find a job. I tried several things before I found a good fit."

When asked what was the best thing about his driving job at Reddaway, Louis answered: "I'm on my own--I don't have a boss watching over me. And it keeps me in shape."

His best tip for transitioning into civilian life: "Find a trade or occupation that is in demand. When I found out that truck drivers were in demand and what they could make, I decided to get my CDL."

Thank you for your service, Sergeant Geisler.

Louis Geisler

"I Need It Now"

When one of your biggest customers calls and says "I need it now!" you want to make sure they get it now.

Daryl Parker from GPM Corporation was in that situation. One of his largest customers called on a Thursday to say they needed a GPM pump immediately.

Daryl quickly called Tricia Memmolo, a member of Dana McGowan's Customer Service team, to ask for delivery status.

Tricia found the pump in transit and worked with Daryl to arrange a "will-call" for the pump at our Tracy, CA terminal.

When Daryl arrived, he found the palleted pump set aside and ready to go.

Reddaway employees soon had the pallet loaded and set to go to the customer's site for installation.

Daryl followed up to say, "With employees like Tricia, the core philosophy of Reddaway is shown through exceptional customer service. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. Reddaway has quality representatives."

Tricia Memmolo

Some Spicy Customer Language

Duck Creek Quacker and Spice Company is a small, storefront operation In Port Townsend, WA best known for their Hometown Number 1 seasoning. We're proud to say, we recently received a customer testimonial from them.

The company owners complimented Reddaway, and particularly the driver, Larry Cook, saying, "He kept us informed of [our] delivery in both a courteous and friendly manner. Mr. Cook is an excellent representative of your company. You certainly seem to have an excellent standard for high-level service."

Duck Creek Quacker and Spice Company

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An Update From Reddaway
Precision, Speed and Flexibility = A Perfect Score

With Reddaway Guaranteed Services your shipment will be delivered by the day and time you require. Guaranteed.

Our exceptionally reliable 99.6% on-time rate means you can trust Reddaway, the largest western regional LTL carrier, to hit the mark every time.

Whether it’s just-in-time logistics, retail deliveries and installations or other demands for delivery precision, our Guaranteed Window Service means your shipments will arrive exactly when you need them—not early, not late.

Guaranteed Window gives you the flexibility to select from four levels of delivery precision:

  • Hour-Specific Deliveries—request a delivery window as precise as one hour or multiple hours
  • Day-Specific Deliveries—request a delivery window as precise as one day or multiple days

Reddaway Guaranteed Window Service was developed in response to Must-Arrive-By-Date delivery requirements for consistent, on-time delivery for suppliers shipping to retailers with stringent window delivery requirements.

Our team can offer targeted solutions to create strategic, cost-effective solutions utilizing Guaranteed and Expedited Services. It’s always a bull’s eye with our priority handling and dedicated tracking. More info.

News & Other Stories
A Smoking Hot Delivery

Reddaway team members routinely overcome obstacles to ensure customers get their deliveries. It’s not often, though, that a Reddaway driver has to worry about a wildfire.

Reddaway City Driver Gary James had a delivery for Blue Lion Dulcimers and Guitars in Santa Margarita, CA. His route, like the routes of most of the eight drivers in our Fresno terminal, is unusual. His route is along the CA coast in a hilly, mainly rural area. Most stops are at home-based businesses with narrow driveways off of winding, often one-way roads.

 Reddaway City Driver Gary James
James usually calls his customers to be sure they will be there to accept delivery. However, he had a different reason to call Blue Lion. Wildfires were raging around that area, so he needed to be sure the company would be open . . . and not in a fire zone. He was assured they were open for business, so he made the delivery.

The letter of appreciation from the owner of Blue Lion said James couldn't have done a better job.

She wrote that he arrived exactly on time and was cheerful and helpful, even though it was a blisteringly hot day and the air was thick with wildfire smoke. The store owner wrote about her "absolute amazement at his courtesy and helpfulness."

When Gary learned about the customer testimonial, he wanted to be sure everyone in the terminal was recognized because they always work as a team.

His attitude didn't surprise Terminal Manager Tim Sennett: "Call him and he answers the phone 'This is Gary with Reddaway, how can we make your day better?' He goes out of his way to take care of every customer."

2015 NTDC Wrap-Up

The 2015 National Truck Driving Championships season has come to a close with some amazing and memorable safety achievements.

Reddaway was well-represented by these four state champions and safety superstars:

 2015 Team Reddaway at NTDC 
  • Dean Goodnight, Flatbed class, city driver from our Boise, ID terminal (top row, far left)
  • Chris Mireles, Twins class, linehaul driver from our LAX/Los Angeles, CA terminal (top row, center)
  • John Van Buren, Sleeper class, city driver from our Medford/Central Point, OR terminal (top row, far right)
  • Dan Istre, Twins class, linehaul driver from our Boise, ID terminal (bottom row, far left) 
T.J. O'Connor, President and CEO of Reddaway (bottom row, center) and Mike Kolb, Reddaway Safety Manager (bottom row, far right) were on hand during competition to support our four state champions. 

In order to qualify for state competitions, drivers must drive the entire full year prior to the event without a single preventable collision.

With their first place wins at their state competitions, Dean, Chris, John and Dan qualified to compete at the 2015 National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC) which was held August 11-15 at the America's Center in St. Louis, MO.

We congratulate Dean, Chris, John and Dan on their impressive safety focus day in and day out and their performance at Nationals.

Widely referred to as the "Super Bowl of Safety," the NTDC is the premier stage for competitive truck driving.

Professionals put their skills and knowledge to the test against the best of the best, most elite safety champions in our nation.

As ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said, "All the competitors who took part...are champions...of safety on our highways and of our industry's image."

We at Reddaway feel that honor extends to all of the dedicated professionals who took part in state competitions this year. Many Reddaway professional drivers competed this year across our western service footprint collecting trophies.

We thank all of our hardworking and dedicated Reddaway professionals who participated.

Your commitment to safety makes Reddaway a better company and our highways safer for everyone. We look forward to 2016!

Reddaway is Proud to Announce Two New Team Members

We'd like to introduce Bill Amos, the new Vice President of Human Resources and Safety at Reddaway.

 Bill Amos, VP HR & Safety
Bill comes to Reddaway with vast experience in his profession. He has held executive positions in transportation, education and distribution. Bill joined Team Reddaway on August 3, 2015.

He shared, "It's obvious that Reddaway has a long and proud history in transportation and customer service. That pride shines through at our terminals and offices. Our employees work hard to take care of our customers. We provide unmatched award-winning next-day and two-day western regional LTL service."

Dana McGowan 
We'd also like to introduce Dana McGowan, Reddaway's new Customer Service Manager who joined the team August 24, 2015. Dana is driven by the rich sense of satisfaction she receives by providing great customer service. "I enjoy the fulfillment in resolving a problem and taking that weight off the customer's shoulders."

Dana employs a positive, collaborative approach to motivate herself and her team. "Everyone wants to feel a valued part of a great team. What impressed me from day one was the 'family-like' environment at Reddaway. People are genuinely happy here, and it shows in the excellent customer service being provided."

If you'd like to be a part of Team Reddaway, visit our Careers Center today.

Toyota Names Reddaway Top Regional Carrier

For the second year in a row, Toyota North American Parts selected Reddaway as the number one carrier in its service region. When announcing the 2015 LTL Provider of the Year, a Toyota representative said Reddaway "maintained exceptional service despite the challenges of inconsistent volumes and variable shipment frequency."

"It takes constant focus on providing outstanding service to earn an important award like this," said T.J. O'Connor, president and CEO of Reddaway. "The members of the Reddaway team strive to make sure that every delivery for every customer arrives safely and on time. I know I speak for all of Team Reddaway when I say how proud we are to have our efforts recognized by an internationally known company like Toyota."

Inbound Logistics Names Reddaway Top 100 Trucker

Reddaway has been named a Top 100 Trucker for 2015 by Inbound Logistics magazine.

Reddaway was selected from more than 250 trucking companies for the magazine's annual Top 100 Motor Carriers directory. 

 Inbound Logistics Names Reddaway Top 100 Trucker
Compiled by Inbound Logistics editors, the directory is a qualitative assessment of service providers offering the operational capabilities and experience to meet the transportation, supply chain, and logistics needs of the magazine's readers.

Each year, Inbound Logistics editors evaluate submitted information, conduct personal interviews and online research, and compare that data to their readers' trucking and logistics challenges to select the best transportation providers.

"Recognition as a Top 100 Trucker reflects the commitment of every Reddaway employee to make each shipment a priority. Reddaway employees work very hard to provide the best regional services available to customers who rely on us for extensive next-day coverage and timely, damage-free deliveries. Congratulations to the entire Reddaway team," said T.J. O'Connor, Reddaway president and CEO.

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